10 A&M

Grade 10 Animation and Movie Making page.

TASK 1 Animation and Movie Making – Foundations

Using the text given out last lesson and other relevant information from the internet expound your answers to the following questions.  Write each answer on your blog, on a new page titled TASK 1.

1.        What is animation?

2.       How has animation practice changed with the increase and improvement of technology available?

3.       What elements of animation products and processes have not changed over time?

4.       Why is “story telling” so important to successful animation?

5.       What are five things that make a story successful?

6.       Why is research so important to successful animation?

7.       Name 3 successful animations from after 2000 and list three reasons why each of these has been so appealing.

8.       Research the animation practice of the first Disney classics such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and explain the technological process involved in these pioneering animations?

Reference answers from the text like this:

Animation is the art of capturing a series of individual movements… and replaying them in rapid succession to give the illusion of movement.” (Patmore C. 2003, p. 6)


Patmore, C. 2003, The complete animation course, Quarto, London.


Referencing from the internet should look like this

“North East Coast Daily Surf Report
 Updated: Fri Jul 25th, 8:17am
Surf: clean 3-5ft
Wind: light W
Weather: overcast
Dawn Patrol: The swell just won’t go away, it has kicked again this morning more from the east/northeast in direction. It is clean and about 3-5ft by the looks of it. There will be plenty of options for surf so you better pack the double layer wetsuit and hit the tubes, its going off ! The only trouble is, it is sooooo cold” (http://www.swellnet.com.au/loc_report.php?region_id=25&state_id=6)


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