Grade 8 Design Graphics Lessons






Design your own beverage brand and label.  All packaging, labels, logos, advertising and associated designs are to reflect and emulate the trends and styles of the decade which you have been allocated.

Brand Name :  Your Surname to be included ____________________________ (eg. Armstrong Tea)

Period:  ____________________ decade (between 1880 and 1980)



1.        Create a Period Style File

Collect and organise a folder or file that contains images and information regarding the following trends and cultural norms from your decade – fashion and style in clothing, decor, architecture and food and beverage labels, currency, sports, celebrities, transport, commercial signage, fonts, common diet, colours in vogue, picture styles, household items, utensils and appliances and anything else that will help you get a feel for the visual context of the period which you are trying to emulate and transfer to your own design work.

2.      Sketching of beverage label Designs.

In your DG book sketch some ideas for your beverage label including the name and a trademark.  Make notes on your sketches regarding fonts and colours.  Use adobe Illustrator to create a range of potential labels.

3.      Create a package design.

From sketches develop a commercially viable package complete with all text and barcodes.  In Word develop a package layout(net) that fits on one page.  Print out, cut, fill, glue and fold.

4.      Create a poster advertisement.

Develop a range of slogan and advertising ideas for your product.  Produce one poster to completion using In Design.  Print out and display.

5.      Create a Flash Advertisement.

Sketch up some storyboards in your DG book for  the production of an animated advertisement to run on a website.

Use Flash to create a digital advertisement with a maximum of 10 slides. 

Publish as an animated GIF and as an AVI to the Beverage assignments drop box in the Design Graphics drive.

Check out your finished advertisement on the Design Central website on the Grade 8 page.


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