Character Design Brief – Friday 26th of June.

Character Design Brief Part 1

Research and Drawing


Create a range of simple characters in a consistent style that can later be used in print media applications such as comic strips, printed merchandise and 2D TV and Web animations.  Today’s task only requires research and drawing.


Today’s task only requires research and drawingYou will not and may not use any methods of digital image making to develop your image apart from looking at images in books or on the internet.  No images will be printed today and none will be downloaded.  You can make and save a word document that contains copied images but you may not print it out.  We will work on making the images digitally next week.


You will need to get some inspiration for the style of your character/s from other leading contemporary designers and illustrators.  Here are some search queries you will need to look up.  Remember don’t only search images also look at the description of web sites and pages and be discerning before clicking on.  You can copy and paste these search queries into the search box.  Or click on any provided links.

 Internet Search Terms:

Also have a look at the characters created by students last year in the design central Gallery.



Produce 1 or more fun, cute, quirky and kid friendly characters.

Using your sketchbook or loose A4 cartridge paper create a range of drawings.

These drawings should depict your character/s from front, side and back.

I expect you to quickly (2-3 minutes) sketch some ideas on scrap paper using the big pads or other scrap paper and then start a range of careful drawings that you will work on in your desk till the end of the lesson in your sketchbook or on the cartridge paper from the filing cabinet labelled paper.  I will mark these drawings for effort (not execution) next lesson.

Do not draw any background or scenes or props other than clothes.

Do organise your pages with care.

Do label your drawings and make notes about the influences that inspired them.




If you have 2 or more resolved character drawings with three views of each you are entitled to watch Flash or Illustrator tutorials or finish off work relating to your advertisement or packaging brief. 


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