31 08 2009

 Blender 2.5  includes a whole new interface, great new modifiers and text driven command searches and much more.  I really like the look of it, am amazed by the way the smoke and liquid modifiers/simulations work and I’m looking forward to using it.  Check it out at Blender Nation.  Some might say 2.5 is for Blender what Obama is for the US.  I probably wouldn’t go that far.  Keep your eye out for more Durian previews too.

Make a Little You on Vista Print.

24 08 2009
caricature_previewCAVO8EWDHave fun making a caricature of yourself.  Click on mine to have a go.


20 08 2009

This is a great little animation builder.  Good for a laugh and a powerful tool to test your storyboards, listen to dialogue and share your ideas with others quickly.

Google xtranormal  – For some reason the links kept taking people to my facebook login – dodgy.

Another Page Turner

28 07 2009

For all you budding web designers.


10 02 2009

Follow the links on this page to get some help with your logo creation.