Secret of Kells … Blender!

8 02 2010

A great looking animation made partly in Blender.  Check out the website too.


Make a Little You on Vista Print.

24 08 2009
caricature_previewCAVO8EWDHave fun making a caricature of yourself.  Click on mine to have a go.


20 08 2009

This is a great little animation builder.  Good for a laugh and a powerful tool to test your storyboards, listen to dialogue and share your ideas with others quickly.

Google xtranormal  – For some reason the links kept taking people to my facebook login – dodgy.


11 08 2009

Somehow the message got through to the Adobe updaters – lots of people paid lots of money expecting that their CS4 video editing software would work with their standard digital video – and now after a long wait it does.  Import mpegs directly into the Premiere library drag straight into the timeline and there it is sound and all.  No messing around at all.  That’s more like it.  Thanks Adobe.

Noob or Pro? That is the question!

24 07 2008

If you haven’t started going through the tutorials in this wiki then chances are you still hold “noob” status … so get off Tribal wars, stop checking Facebook and start your journey.  The sooner you start the sooner you get there!