16 04 2010

Design Central has started moving to a new Domain –

Come and check it out and let us know what you think.  It is still under construction but should be completed before the end of April 2010.

We are still a blog but have a few added features like an e-store to sell the really cool stuff that we make, a featured content slideshow so you can see quickly what’s movin and shakin on our site and a more streamlined page menu with a growing library of tutorials and teaching/learning resources.



29 08 2009

Pixel Pinkie launched today on WIN TV in Tassie and NINE on the big island.  While I didn’t watch the first episode I would be interested to see what sort of flavour the series has.  The audience is tweenage girls and the content of the website is similar to other  multi-platform media merchandising machines.  The website is very well put together with clear and contemporary styling and ease of navigation and some interesting little features like using “pixels” to buy stuff to do up your own virtual world and a home page that responds with interactive niceities to your mouse overs

In terms of the content of the TV series I wonder whether Blue Rocket has broken any new ground or just recycled the same cultural forms saturating ABC Kids and other cartoon and child oriented TV.   Blue Rocket’s blurb would indicate that the overall plot is about challenging the current stereotypes on modern feminine beauty and coolness with a “being true to yourself ” theme running through the series.  Does it acheive this purpose?  Well that remains to be seen.  What do you think?  Was it worth the $650,000 that Screen Tasmania invested in the show?  Does it raise the bar for children’s television in content, style and purpose?  Does it help to give Australian media production more credibility or less?  Or is Pixel Pinkie just more of the same and soon to be forgotten?  Vote in the poll and leave a comment. 

For all those Pre T’ C,G &D students it is well worth noting the fact that Blue Rocket is on the up and up have a lot of  interesting stuff  to play and view on their website.  They are FLASH fanatics with great ideas for functional navigation, nifty layout and simple yet effective 3D visualisations and animations.  Check it out. Research them,  contact them and get inspired to make your own cool stuff.  Enjoy.

Make a Little You on Vista Print.

24 08 2009
caricature_previewCAVO8EWDHave fun making a caricature of yourself.  Click on mine to have a go.


20 08 2009

This is a great little animation builder.  Good for a laugh and a powerful tool to test your storyboards, listen to dialogue and share your ideas with others quickly.

Google xtranormal  – For some reason the links kept taking people to my facebook login – dodgy.


11 08 2009

Somehow the message got through to the Adobe updaters – lots of people paid lots of money expecting that their CS4 video editing software would work with their standard digital video – and now after a long wait it does.  Import mpegs directly into the Premiere library drag straight into the timeline and there it is sound and all.  No messing around at all.  That’s more like it.  Thanks Adobe.


7 08 2009

Click on this image to see close ups of all the finished toys

The girls have persevered to finish their beautiful toys – sanded and oiled to perfection (well near enough for a push-along toy any how) they took them down to kinder to share with the 5 year olds.  Great success girls.  Well done.

Another Page Turner

28 07 2009

For all you budding web designers.