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If you haven’t started going through the tutorials in this wiki then chances are you still hold “noob” status … so get off Tribal wars, stop checking Facebook and start your journey.  The sooner you start the sooner you get there!


Try this tutorial for help with rigging.

APPEND instead of Import  (getting blender objects into blender files)

A lot of us have had trouble importing blender objects, rigs and textures into blender files that we are working on.  Until now we have done things like exporting as obj. files and then importing.  This way is not the best method as it will not include rigs and and all object properties.   The best way to get say a rigged character model into another blend file is to first have saved the aspects of the blend file that you want to import then go to file menu in the blender file that you want to import to and select “append” then select the files that you want to append to the current blend file that you are working on.  This should be pretty helpful.


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22 04 2008
caleb jones

hey guys i recently followed the walkthrough from PC authority May 2008 to make a wine bottle when i click render it only comes up with a box can anyone help?

22 04 2008

Thanks Caleb we will look into it. email me the blend file at and i will see what happens when I render it. We had no trouble except for vertices getting accidently selected and deforming the overall shape. Otherwise we got good shape, reflection and transparency.

22 04 2008
23 04 2008
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23 04 2008

I opened your file fine and you have done a good job of modeling the bottle but only on one plane. Also you didnt delete the original cube like the walk through said to do. Your bottle is flat or 2 dimensional – change between the different views to make sure that your model is being filled out in all its 3 dimensions x, y, z and make sure that when you click F12 to render you actually have the camera looking at the object you want to render. You had the camera looking at the cube not the flat bottle. I suggest you try it again and make sure that you split the screen into at least 2 or 3 panes by right clicking on the edge of the viewing pane and selelcting “split area”. change the view in each window to top, side and user. To orbit around your model hold down the alt key and click and drag your mouse to swing your view around the object. To return to the original set view just select the view you want from the view tab e.g. top view.
Visit the Noob to Pro Blender Wiki to get extensive help in finding your way around this program. Happy blending.

23 04 2008

To change the position of any object make sure you are in object mode, right click on the object to select it, press g to grab and then x,y or z to choose which axis you wiant to move it on. Press “r” to rotate and x,y or z to choose which axis you want to rotate the object (including the camera) on.

20 05 2008

Blender 2.46 has been released. Check it out at….

Also, is the best site in the blender universe.


23 05 2008

Um i was just wondering why when i mirror a cube and create a face when i try to subsurf it.It just makes a crease in the center right the way round. i was wondering if you could help with this problem.

23 05 2008

also when i open blender from now on whe i try to use the num pad to look around(not the camera view) it just changes the frame not my view. why would this happen and how can i fix this

18 06 2008

we discovered hughy20xd6 that num lock needs to be on.

28 08 2009
Ben Grant

Check out this cheap 3D scanner, this would really come in handy for those hard models, and its compatible with blender!!!

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