Australian Designer Essay


Find a top designer (preferably Australian) in your field of interest and produce an essay that outlines the following information:

·         Basic personal details about the designer – name, age/D.O.B, location, work history, educational history and family.

·         The trends or variety of trends this designer displays in terms of the content of their work – is it landscape photography?  What sort of landscapes – what common threads?  What subject matter?  What typical features?  

·         List the modes of delivery of their graphic work.  exhibitions – design shows – fashion shows – magazines – websites – products – movies – TV etc..

·         Current employer.

·         Computer Programs used.

·         Essential technology for their chosen field – e.g. tablets, laptop, digital camera, etc.

·         Explanation of the way they work – what sort of design process and workflow they follow.

·         What others have said about their work and how other designers and trends have been influenced by their work.

·         Descriptions of their work in the context of what you like/dislike about it and how you might be influenced in your own pursuit in this field. 


1.       Approximately 750 -1000 words

2.       Include at least 10 colour images ( around 75k -150k jpegs) of work mentioned.

3.       Reference all citations, images and the sources of all information gathered.

4.       Include a bibliography of all books, magazines, newspapers and websites used.

5.       Post the finished essay on your Blog with the title being the name of the designer. 

6.       Save a copy in the assignment section of the Design Graphics drive.

7.       Due on Friday April the 3rd by 2pm  (No extensions will be given)



1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Please note you all have the criteria and the Grade descriptors so please refresh your memories by reading what it takes to get an A in each criteria and set that as your target. 


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