Grade 10 Uniform Shop Brief

Brief 2 Grade 10




Create a realistic model of the uniform shop in ArchiCAD and then convert the design within the existing floor plan to accommodate 1 person with all necessary facilities e.g. kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom etc.  This is going to be a tight fit so will require some imaginative solutions to storage and housing of white goods and multi use rooms.



1.        Create a scale model of the uniform shop with all relevant components placed and scaled to their actual size.  Refer to your drawings.

2.       Photo render the Uniform shop from all exterior angles and with interior shots to show how it looked before the renovations.

3.       Consider all items and rooms necessary for a complete unit.  Rough it out on grid paper.   Try it out on ArchiCAD.  To customize items make sure they are selected and then double click the item select Icon to change its size and attributes.

4.       Photo render interior and exterior views to show how you have transformed the building into a stylish and modern abode. 

5.       Create a fly around and walk through of your model.   Export the .avi to moviemaker and create a short presentation that includes all the steps and some explanation as to the process and the justification for your final design choices.


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