Housing and Design 10 – House Styles in Australia

Assignment 2 Housing and Design Grade 10


Choose one of the housing styles listed on page 12 of your hand out and create a style file and a roughly scaled model (1:50) of the house.

What to include:

  • Detail the aesthetic features of the house.
  • Include a likely floor plan and furniture layout with all rooms and their uses clearly labelled.
  • Write about the materials used in construction and the advantages and disadvantages of using such materials.
  • Write about how the design relates to and reflects the influences of :
    • Economic conditions
    • Fashion
    • Climate
    • Family and social norms
    • Include a range of colour photographs and illustrations of the building style from different perspectives.
    • List the sources that you used in the construction of your poster and your opinions.


  • Use the handout, the library and the internet to research your chosen housing style and period.
  • Spell check and proof read all written material.
  • Compose your poster with attention to detail – aim for something attractive and easy to understand.
  • Create your model using any cardboard or scrap materials available giving attention to detail, proportions, colours and textures.  Use paint and glue to make a durable and attractive model.

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