THIS PAGE IS A CHANGING LIST OF INTERESTING DESIGN/TECHNOLOGY BLOGS, SITES AND PAGES.  ADD YOUR OWN VIA THE COMMENT BOX.  (architect and designer)  (Mrs. A’s site) (Christian Academy Graphics lessons and design briefs) (All Photoshop Tutorials – Index of Tutorials) (More Photoshop Tutorials – Especially Web based graphics eg. buttons etc.) (The very best port of call for all things 3D – Blender.  It’s free, small and arguably one of the most powerful free tools available for 3D animation and games.  Get into it!) (Illustrators, graphic Designers Blog and links) (The TV series webpage – go on invent something!) (TV website for Grand Designs Kevin McCloud – Architecture) – (same series but the magazine and the DVD sets to buy.) australian illustrators ” ” Australian Design House – all media great work. ( Showcase of Australian Designers)  Interesting Flash presentation on website, environmentally conscious buildings, innovative design, Local architecture and building company – LCS links through business and family. (Free downloadable fonts)  (learning how to learn in second life) -(pretty much everything!) (Amazing FREEWARE RENDER ENGINE – A must have small download with amazing power)


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